Confessions of a Church Planter:An Introduction

I’ve been around the church planting scene now for five years and I’ve been noticing trends amongst church planters, habits in myself and reactions by regular church folks that I think I can offer some insight into a world that seems to be sparking the interest of Christians more and more as of late. So I’m going to start a new category of posts on these tidbits that hopefully will help those with ears to hear.

Joe and I were just going through the numbers of the churches filmed in One Size Fits All? There was a total of 19 churches filmed from all around Canada. We filmed this documentary about new and evolving forms of church a few years ago. Already, six of those churches are dead, four of them have rebooted and a few of them are on their last legs. It was kind of shocking to hear these numbers and see the “failing” rate of these church plants. It makes me wonder how far off we are till we are stroked off the list as well. However in the meantime while on our high of “success,” I think I can offer a glimpse of advice for as to how I would start another church if that was ever to happen. Some of these things will be from lessons I learned because I did them on accident, or maybe on purpose or maybe I just didn’t do them at all and I think I should have. I’ll keep a running list of posts below that will get updated as I go.

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  1. glad it is still “happening” nathan. As neil cole pointed out, organisms have a natural life cycle. SOme churches that have been with us 25 years should have been put to rest at ten..

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