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Lent Service – Proclaim

March 16, 20110
As I mentioned before, we are working with some Anglican churches in Sarnia to have some Lent gatherings together. We had our first gathering at 2pm and it was excellent. Thanks to all the Anglican ladies that showed us how to have a discussion! We are following six marks of mission of the Anglican church of Canada, the first one being Proclaiming the good news.


There is another gathering tonight at 7pm, come out if you can!


Here is the prayer I wrote to start us off.
God, you have called your church to witness
You have called us to proclaim your good news
You have called us to live this good news
You have called us to bring this good news into bad news places 

Lord of Mercy, we fail daily at our calling
Forgive us as our trespasses, as we try and forgive others
Give us strength to live as you have created us
Give us love for those that we don’t think deserve it

Through Christ you are reconciling the world to yourself
Through Christ you are unfolding your plan of salvation
Through Christ you are drawing all men to yourself
Through Christ you are freeing all the oppressed

God, may we seek peace in all of our actions
May we seek to share your love wherever possible
May we seek to proclaim what we are living
May we seek to proclaim to everyone

Thank-you for giving us this responsibility
Thank-you for giving us hope
Thank-you for hearing our cry and repentance
Thank-you for hearing our joy

Be with us and prepare us for this gathering
Be with us and prepare us for Lent
May we learn what it means to proclaim
May we proclaim well with your strength


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