23lbs Smaller

So ten weeks ago today I along with Joe, Robb, Chris, Ron and John looked at ourselves in a mirror and realized we were all gaining weight more than we would hope.  It was probably an accumulation of our wonderful lifestyles, white collar jobs, big TV’s and new found enjoyment of beer.  So we decided to put a wager on it, $100 a person, second gets money back and first place takes $500.  Then within a week there was quite a few more side bets that started happening.  Here were our starting numbers.

Nate – 204.5 lbs, 41 in waist, 20% bf
Ron – 231.5 lbs, 45 in waist, 23% bf
Robb – 182.5 lbs, 38.5 in waist, 20% bf
Joe – 197.5 lbs, 40.5 in waist, 21% bf
Chris – 204 lbs, 40 in waist, 20% bf
John – 257.5 lbs, 49.25 in waist, 29% bf

Dan – 183 lbs, 35.5 in waist, 16% bf (wasn’t competing but wanted to be measured)

So for ten weeks everyone used their different tactics to try and win.  Some were more motivated than others.  Some gave up entirely.  Some played mind games until the last moment.  It was an excellent battle with plenty of trash talk and hurt feelings.  Personally I just cut back my overall intake of food and started biking quite a bit.  It was enough to shave 23 pounds off my weight, 5 inches of my waste and 5% off my body fat.  My goal was 25 pounds, so I came pretty close.  I was happy.

John lost 40 pounds, and he looked great and was feeling great, I thought he was a for sure winner.  Joe was sticking to a horrible diet and was going through massive withdrawal which caused us all not to want to be around him.  Now the sleeper was Robb.  For the first month or so everyone thought he wasn’t doing well or trying at all.  He was sending pictures of himself eating big macs and taking quite a beating in namecalling.  About a month ago, maybe even three weeks ago he gave everyone better odds for side bets just giving everyone this hope that they were going to beat him.  So it was a beautiful thing when he took his shirt off this morning to show his 40lbs loss, and I don’t say this often about other men, but amazing body.  He had been hiding it for weeks from us with towels under his shirt and making up excuses not to hang out with us.  He lost over double his fat percentage and simply destroyed us all.  The shock on all our faces and the feeling of complete defeat will not be loss.  Apparently all of our wives saw it coming, us guys aren’t very observant.

I ended up placing third, only losing by 0.8% to Joe.  I’ll blame it on the fact that he wore all his weight in his stomach and even though I lost more weight than him he trimmed his waist line a few more inches than me.  All side bets and total winnings added up I ended up losing $50, but I never paid any money for a gym membership…guest passes worked all along.

All in all, I feel great.  I hope that my biking is a new habit that I have picked up and my eating stays healthy.  Thanks for a good run boys, and I will enjoy the steaks and beers with you soon.

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