You Can’t Afford to Be Wrong – Conversation With A Street Preacher Part 5

Harry (the Street Preacher) and I have officially moved to e-mail for our correspondence. Lots coming.

Thanks again Nathan for your quick response. I do appreciate your response and your love and devotion to love others and for all to reach ultimate goodness.But our views on the how and what that goodness is where we differ. It is true that we believe Gods Word the bible is authoritive simply because  God in so many words said so throughtout Scriptures. The bible says in essence that men of oid under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit wrote the book and the bible is not free for private interpretation.Elsewhere it states that all of the bible is profitable for doctrine,correction,reproof,training in righteousness so one can be fully equipped to do the work of God.The bible as true has been verified as evidence of Jesus resurrection,historical record,science,geograhy,prophesy and continous miracles as in the paperback i gaveyou Hope you read it.The bible has stern warnings for all those who distort it,false teaching with special rebuke against false prophets.To reiterate Nathan its most ironical that as you stated you to believe that Jesus is the only way to salvation etc.but can’t seem to carry  that logic and right common sence understanding of God’s Word in all else that pertains to eternal life.I urge and challenge you and church members to study and rethink the bible,because Nathan Len and I plus millions of others according to your belief if true can afford to be wrong;but yous can’t afford to be wrong obviously or according to God’s word or personified word Jesus Himself said’Most assuredly’i say to you unless one is born is born of water and the Spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God`.This truth of entrance to eternal life or eternal damnation is so clear that you as many others Nathan have no excuse to miss Heaven or Gods Kingdom.Please repent and receive Jesus the biblical way or you will spend eternity in hell based on Gods word.So let this endour correspondence as you say we differ on the Bible,but Nathan we will still preach the Gospel truth wherever the Lord leads even Christina St.Pray that God will open your heart to His revealed Truth,namely the Bible.Thanks for the correspondence.

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