Revealed Truth is Not the Bible, It’s Jesus – Conversation With A Street Preacher Part 6

Harry, I’m glad we can do this on e-mail now. It was getting difficult for me to read your handwriting ;)

I would like to try to keep our conversations to some order just so they are easy to read and respond to. It seems like we are going all over the place and you never seem to actually respond to my questions or my points when I go out of my way to respond to yours.

1. Can you explain your belief in scripture? What the Bible is to you? How do you read it? How you decide what is private or public interpretation? What you do with contradictions in the text and your lifestyle (ie. why have you not given all your stuff away and given it to the poor?)? I’m curious to know what role the Bible plays in your life. You keep referring to it but I’m unsure exactly what you are saying about it. The Bible took centuries to put together, so I’m also curious as to what Bible is talking about that you are referring to when the Scriptures refer to themselves. My understanding is that whenever the Scriptures refer to themselves that they would be speaking about the Torah or the Hebrew Scriptures. How could they speak of the Christian Scriptures as we have today as they weren’t put together until years later? How do we know that the Apocrypha shouldn’t be included? I hope you can explain your view a little better.
2. How is it ironic that I believe in the Trinity but I don’t believe in your theology of hermeneutics? I don’t see the Bible like you do. So this shouldn’t be irony. This is just common sense for someone like me.
3. Harry, I also urge and challenge you to read the Bible and rethink what it means in your life. You have put it on a pedestal and treat it as the fourth member of the trinity. When the Bible is a story pointing to Jesus; not God himself. It is not equivalent to Jesus. It is not inerrant or infallible (the Bible never uses those words to refer to itself). Your understanding of the Bible means that you elevate YOUR OPINION of the Bible above everything else. A friend of mine actually recently wrote a small post about what I’m trying to explain to you (http://kinnon.tv/2012/06/the-bible-as-king.html) you can read it there. If you would like more reading material on such matters, I can get you the books.
Harry, I also offer you a warning. The only people that end up in Hell in Bible are those that refuse to accept the all encompassing inclusive grace of Jesus Christ. My fear is that you have such a limited view of God’s grace that you will be unable to enter into the kingdom of God because you cannot see how big and beautiful God’s grace is. We will be having a party and you won’t even notice it’s God’s party because you would be too shocked to see some of the people at the party (ie. like Simon and the prostitute, or the older son in the parable of the two sons and the father). I am surprised to see that you think that I would go to hell just because we have a different interpretation of scripture? Don’t you believe that salvation is through Christ alone through faith? I am saved by that definition of yours. But according to this past e-mail you think I’m going to hell because of my interpretation of how to read the Bible. That seems ironic if anything, even contradictory. can you explain this? Do you actually believe I am going to hell?
I urge you again. Please stop preaching your false gospel downtown Sarnia as our Lord is not leading you down here. He has obviously lead you to a church out in Wyoming so please stay with your own people and share the gospel with them. So please, stay within your own context and your own people, because that is where God has you.

I pray Harry that God will open your heart to his revealed Truth, namely Jesus (not the Bible).

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  1. Hey Nathan, could you send m an email, i have a few points i would like to make to respond to some of the emails. I am one of the street preachers that go out Fridays with Harry and have a few points i would like to make to the conversation if thats ok

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