Street Preacher Survival Guide: A Downtown Sarnia First Friday Installation

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With the arrival guide of street preachers downtown theStory wanted to offer some lightheartedness and clarification to the situation. There was way too many folks asking us what was going on, getting upset at their message (or the way they were presenting the message). So we setup four of these little booth all around downtown with postcards. The postcards are below and a picture of the booths. I thought doing booths where no one was hassling you (like they do in groups of 5-10 handing out tracts) would be the best way to present it to the downtown.




4 thoughts on “Street Preacher Survival Guide: A Downtown Sarnia First Friday Installation”

  1. I hope the response from the street preachers is the production of a survival guide explaining what theStory means when it says things about street preachers. This could go really meta really fast.

  2. I like it. Well thought out and written, especially the “why and what”. Keep going!
    As an aside, a response would be interesting:)

  3. If you were addressing crowds, would you want some smarmy so-and-so to be trying to sabotage you?

    Why not show a little tolerance, and let these people do their stuff in peace. They harm no-one, least of all you, and it only looks bigoted to start campaigning against them.

  4. With every denomination, with every personal interpretation of the scripture believers will want to spread the word of God in a way they deem appropriate to their perspective. It is making sure you do not become a victim of hubris and believe your perspective is the most righteous. We’re all different, we all have different perspective and we need to respect that about each other. The street preacher survival guide is more for the atheist and agnostic on how to step away from the situation before it escalates. These preachers just wish to spread the love of our Lord and try to welcome others into his embrace, but sadly this method doesn’t work for everyone. I recently spoke with a friend who had the faith forced him growing up and so became resentful toward it. I had a discuss with him about my interpretations and he said I made it sound more fun with my injection of humour. So in short, this approach is a good idea for those not choosing to follow the faith, but I hope it won’t discourage those of the faith to maybe be a bit engaging. I’m happy to engage in a theological discussion, pull up a chair

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