Prayer: Accepting Broken and People Who Aren’t Like Us

God, forgive us for we know not what we do. Forgive our pride and let us never forget where we have come from. Teach us to be forgiven, repentant and how to love. Help us see ourselves through the right lens so we may see others for who they really are. Thank-you God for giving us value and may we be constantly reminded of your love for us. May your love for us fuel our love for others. God forgive us but bring us into a new future, a future where we value people as you value us. Help us be a church that accepts the broken, weird, crippled, devalued and outcasts even when we don’t agree with them or understand them. Help us be a church that welcomes with outstretched arms because it’s part of who we are and not an agenda driven hug. Thank-you for giving us direction and hope for a new world and thank-you for sending your Spirit here and now with us so we can start that new world now. Amen.

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