Street Preaching Debate on Moody Radio

Because of my Street Preacher Survival Guide I was asked onto Moody Radio’s radio program called Up for Debate. My first debate and first time being interviewed like this on a radio program. There would probably be a few different things I would have changed (especially being more prepared for “do you believe in hell” question) but overall I’m pleased enough with how I did. But you can be the judge of that.


I think I do need to better formulate my arguments of Street Preaching to better confront how Street Preaching is actually causing more people to go to hell than less rather than trying to explain to them how what they are saying has theological holes. If I go at it that way it may have a better impact to those who think Street Preaching is causing less people to hell and help them think better about why exactly they are doing rather than trying to change what they are saying.

Below is a series of posts of a conversation that I had with a local Street Preacher in Sarnia.

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