Prayer: When Our Faith Doesn’t Look Like Our Lives

Lord forgive us, for we are hypocrites
We believe one thing and do another
We say one thing and never back it up
Our lives are a mess
One contradiction after another

We believe that you died
We believe that you rose
We believe that you will save us
We believe that you reign
We don’t live like you did any of those things
We don’t live like you are doing anything now

We believe we should care for the earth
But we destroy it as soon as we wake up
We believe that we should care for each other
But we hurt each other all day long
We believe that we should be selfless
But we are selfish
We believe that we should help the poor
But we only help ourselves
Our faith is dead
Because our deeds our dead

So God we sit humbly at your feet
Recognizing our inability to live out our beliefs
So we have faith that you are transforming us
We have faith that you have made a way
We enter into your story and let you do the transforming
We place everything before you as an offering
We don’t just want to change what we believe
We want to change how we see


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