Special International Support Is What Exactly?

I’m taking a free course called “The Age of Sustainable Development” with Jeffery Sachs. We are just starting. So I’ll probably post some thoughts, struggles and questions on here while I go to think out loud.

This is from A Framework for Sustainable DevelopmentPrepared by the Sustainable Development Solutions Network

While most countries of the world have the domestic resource base to achieve sustainable development, some 50 or so low-income or otherwise fragile countries do not. They are too poor, too remote, too conflict-ridden, too bereft of natural resources, or too burdened by other challenges to meet the goals for sustainable development on their own. Often they experience insecurity and armed conflict. These countries, including many in the Horn of Africa, the Sahel, Central Asia, and many landlocked and small-island economies, need special international support to break the vicious cycle of lack of economic development, environmental degradation, insecurity, and conflict.

I’m not sure about this. This kind of makes me uneasy. It leaves me with so many questions. Like who are we to be the answer to other countries ‘sustainable development?’ What does it look like to aid these countries? What is special international support? It sounds all too we can fix all your problems because we are obviously better and more developed than you are (as proven by our money, inventions and age).

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