A Parable About A Rich Man And His Many Wives

There once was a rich man who would travel around his country. He would bring with him his servants and food and family and setup camp along rivers and lakes. Each night he would wander to nearby settlements of people and scan for women that he found to be attractive and would be worthy of his name. When he would find one, he would go back in at night and take her in her sleep to his own camp and she would become one of his wives.

This went on for many years and the man soon had over twenty wives. Each year to celebrate the anniversary of the arrival of a wife they would have a celebration where the man would present a new dress to the wife and she was given gifts of food. The rich man was very proud of what he had done. He had saved all these women from their previous lives and given them so much.

One day on a tenth anniversary of becoming the rich man’s wife one of the women was asked to give a speech. In a moment of weakness she broke down in tears and started sobbing and screaming that she wanted to go home. She lit the dress on fire and ransacked the food she was given. She ran to her tent and cried all night. The next morning the rich man’s son called a meeting. He had a speech prepared as well. He gathered all the wives around him and started crying himself. He was offended as his father was a good man and was horrified at last night’s spectacle. After his father has given them all so much this is what they give him in return? So many beautiful dresses, food whenever they were hungry, a bed to sleep on, the honour of taking his name — he was the shepherd and rescued all of these lost sheep. Now what does he get in return? Temper tantrums and ungrateful attitudes. He suggested that they go and apologize for not seeing all they have been given and start to see his father for the gracious man that he truly is.

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