Giving Money To The Church Is Not Worship

Recently I saw this on a giving card that a church handed to it’s congregants.


Underneath it was all the details for you to give them money.

I have been fascinated over the last number of years at the churches relationship with money and even more so the kind of language that the church uses to advocate for getting more money into the church. Hint: It’s drastically different than the way that Jesus ever talked about money.

Churches have always come across as the entitled main vessel for 10% of a Christian’s income. Pastors even more so. But it’s the language of how they get there that is always interesting. Where does one get an idea that supporting a building and all its expenses, paid staff, children’s programs, leadership retreats, websites, books, spending accounts, videos, music equipment – and all the other things that churches buy – is worship to God? I’m at a loss. Jesus is to. I’m pretty certain that’s what the money is used for whether or not it goes to the church anyway. We spend our money on products that in return go to pay salaries and businesses to function in everything that they deem as a business expense. Businesses are not worshiping God by taking our money. We are not worshiping God by giving businesses our money. We are not worshiping God by giving churches our money.

Let’s just get this whole using money to worship God concept right out of our heads. It isn’t a thing. Money isn’t real. It’s just a symbol of value. And putting it in one persons hands or another is not an act of worship – it is an act of market exchange. To try and claim that as worship is a perfect example of how money as co-opted the church. There is a reason why Jesus contrasts God to Mammon, and it isn’t because God wants more of Mammon in his believer’s pockets.

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  1. Nathan, I don’t wholly disagree with you here, but I’m wondering how you understand Jesus’ observation in Luke 21/Mark 12 about the widow’s Temple offering? Was it merely a neutral observation, or was He saying something else?

  2. Hi Josh, Jesus also flipped tables in the Temple for the corruption. I’m trying to focus more on the church’s role here in advocating worship by giving it money more than the heart of the individual who is sacrificing.

  3. There are verses that support the idea that giving money is worship. There are other verses such as in Matthew 2 where the Wise Men worshiped Jesus and the gifts seem separate from the worship.
    Many churches have eliminated passing the plate because it is time consuming. But if it is a form of worship then one could say the singing of songs is also time consuming.

    But God does not need our money. There are ministries who believe giving a form of investment. This is wrong, but strangely enough we also receive a benefit from giving. Giving helps us not be self centered. But seeing giving money as a form of worship can also be part of a deception. People who want to appear spiritual can simply write a check. Money talks. A big check can influence leadership because the practical aspect of giving money is that it allows the church to function.

    This is why giving is secret is so valuable. If someone gives from a pure heart it does honor God. Again, not that God needs our money, but it reflects other things such as we are willing to depend upon God with our money, which should also be part of a greater trust with depending upon God with our habits thoughts and other actions.

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