Guise Podcast: exploring male intimate relationships

The last year has been an exploration of vulnerability for me that has competely altered the way I have understood myself and my relationship to others.

From our Men’s Vulnerability Group, understanding myself and what vulnerability means for me and the balancing act of how this works practically all of these things have established a new foundation for intimacy.

My old roommate and close friend has been on a similar journey.  Nathan Shurr has been developing an understanding for how this kind of intimacy works within male relationships.  From his own struggle and curiosity mixed with his creative flare comes Guise, a podcast exploring intimacy among male relationships today.

Just putting the word intimacy and male together has the potential to put up red flags for the masculine ego.  So much so, that the running name for the podcast was “This Might Sound Gay” playing off the inherent need to clarify that I want to talk about the importance of my male friendships, but I don’t want anyone to think that I’m gay.   Which really is fascinating on so many levels that the kind of intimacy that we all want is saved for the gay population.   It is a sad reality that our sexual identity is so wrapped up in protecting our vulnerabilities.

This podcast has a special place in my heart because it is taking something that has always been very important to me and giving me space to talk about it.  My friendships was where I found my security growing up.  Being able to talk about that, acknowledge it and explore how that changes me has given me a lot of peace.

If you are the podcast listening type, you can subscribe to Guise here.  If you aren’t.  You should be, and you can subscribe to Guise here.


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