A Thanksgiving Prayer

[Picture is one I took in Iceland, it was an unforgettable moment of gratitude and awe that has never left.]

Each morning the sun rises
We are overwhelmed with what lies ahead
We are anxious about what’s left to be done
We are feeling inadequate to all of what life brings

The hours bleed into each other
And so we work and love and play
We start to believe that we got us to where we are
We start to think our work created our now


God created the heavens and the earth
God created us
God created today
God created work
God created tomorrow

May we be overwhelmed
Not by what lies ahead
But in the overwhelming mystery
Of God’s vastness

May we be anxious
Not in what’s left to be done
But in the anxious longing
Of God’s redemption

May we be inadequate
Not in our relationships and security
But in the gratitude we possess
Of God’s good gifts


2 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Prayer”

    1. Nathan, this is lovely, dear. Corrie is so pleased as she keeps you near, in her enormous HEART’ Love you Nathan!

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