Gas fire

My choice.
My feeling.
My change
My life
Love has caused me to make
  choices I would not have made
  feelings I have never felt
Operate outside of well established directions
Freeze and thaw
And it is all that brings meaning to
  each breath
and step
and word
and hope
and face
So what happens when your insides come to grips with
The unlove and the
  hate and the
       evil (hurt people hurt people)
And trample it
Without regard
      for the beauty and joy and all
        God’s goodness so tightly wrapped up inside?
So what happens when the disregard becomes absorbed by it’s target
Gaslight. Gasfire.
Powerlessness is the powerful cause of many
and tears
and shit memories
and fucked up worldviews
and an unshakeable low self worth
Can I love enough to give power back?
To shake the worth back in
To make the shit forgettable
To collect the salty drops
To kiss the scars
To change the belief
Can my love put out a gas fire?

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