Further Motions Regarding Mike Bradley’s Sanctions

Tomorrow’s meeting is going to be interesting!

Further to the motion that I commented on from Sarnia Councillor Bill Dennis there is another motion by Dave Boushy that is identical and then takes it even further.

There are two items that he added:

e) Removal of the Workplace Investigation section from the www.sarnia.ca (all reports will remain publicly available);

f) Staff report back on the on the elimination of the 1992 Directive Regarding the Mayor’s attendance at senior staff meetings.

So for E, I’m not sure if this needs much commentary. This is an absurd motion. One of our values is honesty, and everyone wants an open and transparent government, and part of that means that the ways to navigate and access information that is public. It is pure manipulation and propaganda to change the way information of such nature is accessed and try to hide it. (For the record, all the relevant information he wants removed is here.

And for F, we already have a report of that nature, maybe it needs to be more accessible on the website? So this is a disingenuous ask and an onerous request.

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  1. Peterry Larsen

    I voted for you and support your businesses.Move on the Bradley stuff…it makes Sarnia look bush league…that whole deal has an odour that affects lot of what happens..PC run amuck……Bradley had SFA to do with the combined disasters of the park remediationthe boat launch FU,and best of all the total waste suing the closing of the homeless outreach on Mitton.
    If you support that crowd 5hat came after Bradley, I sure didn’t see any of it in your election material.

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