Death and Hearts

death is death
even though not all death is the same

as the space between one death
and the next
lies a heart
that has been broken
and mended
and then put back together
and then shattered again
and now that heart exists in
many spaces and with
many people and with
many memories and with
no sense of itself

a heart is a heart
even though not all hearts are the same

if you look close enough
or if you happen to be close enough
you’ll see just one heart

if you pull back you’ll see
what looked like one heart
is made up of many hearts
that have webs of more hearts
made up of other webs of hearts

many hearts is one heart
and one heart is many hearts

it may be
that a death of one
is like a death to all
and not a death at all

death is just a way of talking
about things that we have no words left for

death becomes life with a new name

One Comment

  • This is beautiful, Nathan. I suppose death is quite literally the middle of transition, the central part of transformation. Thank you for sparking these thoughts. Love you, brother.

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