How To Backup Signal To Google Drive Automatically

Like many of us, I just recently switched over to Signal from WhatsApp and I’ve been getting all my contacts to do so as well. Thanks Elon.

One thing threw me off with Signal was that there was no obvious way to backup my Signal backups onto my Google Drive. I’ve made the mistake one too many times where I think I’ve backed up everything on my phone and then realize after it’s too late that I forgot something. So now I always make sure everything is auto-syncing in the background.

Step 1Enable Backups on Signal

Step 2 РInstall the free Autosync Google Drive application

Step 3 – You’ll likely need to upgrade Autosync Google Drive to the Pro version, or else it won’t allow you to sync files larger than 10MB. I made that mistake at first with the free version and it took me a few minutes to figure out why it wasn’t syncing.

Step 4 – Sync the /storage/emulated/0/Signal folder with any folder of your choice in Google Drive

Step 5 – Set it AutoSync Google Drive to sync however long you would like, I’d suggest once every 24 hours is good enough.

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