Fire! Ready! Aim! Essays on Living as a Social 8w7

I’ve been playing around with the idea of writing a collection of short essays for a while now. I want to share my experiences, insights and challenges of what my Eightness on the Enneagram has meant and been for me. After discovering the Enneagram six or seven years ago, it has been such an incredible tool for me for self-development and self-awareness that I want to share this with anyone that will listen. I think it will likely be useful for other Eights and Sevens as they will likely relate to a lot of my journey, but I also think it will be helpful for anyone that is in a relationship with Eights and Sevens.

The name Fire! Ready! Aim! is a an adage that suits the Eight well, flipping the classic Aim, Ready, Fire saying. Instead of aiming, getting ready and firing, Eights can be incredibly impulsive launching into anything without thought, and then spend their lives getting ready and learning to be intentional. Most of my successes and failures can really be attributed to this diving head first into every opportunity before I even know what it is.

I want to write an essay a week for the foreseeable future, and then compile them all into a reader when I’m finished. I’ll be publishing them online in the meantime or you can subscribe to my newsletter to get it in your inbox below.

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