MP Marilyn Gladu and Conversion Therapy

I’ve called out Marilyn Gladu, our local Member of Parliament, a few times over the last few years primarily for her dangerous religious ideology that seeps through her politics as she petitions our federal government, on our behalf, to make Canada a less safe place to live for everyone.

Well, she’s up to more harmful political work again. This time being something that should be a no brainer, is anti-Christian and continues to show her ignorance in what her constituents want. A petition, with only 169 signatures, that she started, calling on the government to change or withdraw Bill C-6 — legislation aimed at criminalizing conversion therapy — was presented to the House of Commons.

“This petition is supported by the majority of the 91 churches in my riding,” Gladu said at the December reading, noting residents and churches in Sarnia-Lambton are “extremely concerned about an attack on our freedom of religion, conscience, expression, belief and our ability to speak it in the public square.”

MP Marilyn Gladu | Source (Thanks Tara Jeffrey for the well-written article)

A majority of the 91 churches in Sarnia support her petition, but only 169 people signed it total. Gladu stands firmly in opposition to the Christian position that 370 religious leaders globally have explicitly made clear, including that of South African cleric Archbishop Desmond Tutu. She stands on the wishes of less than two people per congregation from Lambton County to oppose a bill that is designed to protect the equality rights of LGBTQ2 persons.

Simon Harris wrote an excellent post here calling out Gladu for her hypocritical position.

Here is a petition started to oppose Gladu’s attempt to weaken or remove the already existing bill. Sign it if you haven’t already.

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