Institutionalize the Beauty

when i get caught off guard
by the beauty and hope that
truth gives

i want to trap it
in my hands
and then make copies
so you can have it too

and then i want to multiply it
to share it far and wide
so that more people can
have what we have

i get a little offended when people can’t see
how beautiful it is
and how much hope it can bring them
so sometimes i force it in front of them
and make them look it right in the eye

i get enraged when people don’t give
this truth the time of day
to a point where
i berate them with the good news
until they can’t take it anymore

so i wrap it very tightly
ensuring that there is no way for it to wiggle free
and I make laws and policies
and pay people to uphold the boundaries
of what it is
because it is so beautiful and perfect and
everyone just has to know

i institutionalize the beauty wherever i find it
because no one can find it for themselves

that will work

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