I Am Guilty Of Breaking the Code of Conduct

Click here to read the latest Integrity Comissioner complaint lodged against me.

A few days ago, I was made aware that another Integrity Comissioner complaint was lodged against me. As always, in the interests of tranparency, I am sharing what the complaint was against me. The irony is that I am not supposed to share complaints made against me, so I’m breaking the code of conduct again. I am also sharing this because of how ridiculous the use of the Integrity Comissioner mechanism is for our city. It has served to do nothing but politicize us and be weaponized to try to shame council members to the public. And as we have seen now by both Bradley and Dennis, they like to harness their power of the public to decry their innocense against an unfair process, and it has worked to elevate both of their platforms. In the complaint, they claim that the release of the information that I shared is a “betrayal of public office.” I would disagree with this statement, and that I think it would be a betrayal of my position in public office not to share it. The public has a right to know who they elected and what they stand for, and I will not sit by and allow closed meetings to be how they can hide their true character.

So I’m here to admit my guilt right away. I am not innocent. I am guilty of sharing the KOJO letter and exposing Bill Dennis and Terry Burrell as being the councillors that were hostile and racist in both the diversity training session and the closed meeting after where I made a motion to release the KOJO letter to the public. In my opinion, I am not sharing anything that shouldn’t be public. There is no harm to the city of Sarnia by telling the public who these councillors were and sharing the KOJO letter that KOJO had already publicly said was fine to share.

So to make this easier and to save taxpayer money for the Integrity Comissioner investigation on a case that I have already confessed to, I would like to suggest that I am disciplined with the maximum punishment for my actions and forego the investigation. The maximum penalty that could be applied would be three months suspension of pay. I would also like to suggest that the three months of my salary be used for private diversity and inclusion training for Bill Dennis and Terry Burrell if they would accept.

3 thoughts on “I Am Guilty Of Breaking the Code of Conduct”

  1. Sounds like you may have a harassment case there as repercussions are not allowed when you have done nothing wrong.
    Doc P

  2. Why worry? It was sworn on March 23, 2023 so is therefore void.
    BTW, you need an editor….or an English diploma.

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