Authority Series

The Art of A Good Leader

The best leaders are the ones who have convinced their congregations that by just doing the simple act of going to church on Sunday to hear them preach, that they are doing everything that they need to do for fulfillment. Think about it. The churches with the best leaders are the the ones with the biggest …

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Relationships From The Bottom Up

I’ve wrestled with the idea of authority all my life. I’ll attribute it to my so called rebellious nature, but mostly it’s because I can’t stand not thinking for myself and being told what to think. I have learned to accept authority in my life in some cases, in other cases I have given people authority and …

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Refusing to be Wrong

I just have to be right. Whatever I do, whoever I’m talking to, and whatever place I am at in my life I will always take the side that I am on. Who lives a lifestyle or believes a belief that they honestly believe to be wrong? Nobody that I know. They either do one …

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Good and Bad Leaders

Another Post I wrote: When Leaders Fail At Leading: What Next? Got talking about leaders again last night and it revisited the entire issue all over again. I never stop struggling with this issue and I don’t know why. Sometimes I think it’s because I’m power hungry and want to be in positions that were …

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Authority: Where I’m Coming From (Understanding Power Pt. 2)

They say that ‘postmoderns’ don’t like authority. I think that I’m a prime example of that ideal. I felt this way before I even knew what the word postmodernity meant, or if it wasn’t even a real word. It’s kind of funny actually, I’m typing right now and postmodernity isn’t recognized as a word in …

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Authority: Bottom Leads

Pernell from the FRWY asked a question on his blog a bit ago, and got some interesting responses. Some of them are along the lines of what I was saying about authority. This is the question he asked: What should the role of the pastor be in this new culture in which we find ourselves? …

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