Bible Series

Bible: Inerrancy

Ok, after Keith’s questions he wants to understand why I can’t see the bible as inerrant, I my as well post this for everyone to read since lots of people seem to be interested in this post. There are a number of reasons. 1. I’m not exactly sure what we are calling inerrant. Is it …

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The Bible: Verses and Chapters and Why They Don’t Do Justice

The bible wasn’t originally written with verses and chapters. That may come as a surprise to many; others have already stopped reading because they knew that already. While chapters and verses have helped many remember where specific stories or ideals are in the bible and help keep our sacred text organized at times I think …

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Bible: More than a Category

So tonight was an interesting night. Donald Miller (author of Blue like Jazz) was at Tyndale tonight and he spoke. After we had our small group with a few new additions. All went well, and then after small group Nathan came out and then we started talking. No better subject than talking about the Bible, …

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Bible: The Rule Book

I think that we established some things, at points I think we raised more questions, either way we are making progress. The next point that McLaren makes is pointing out how the modern church also takes the bible as a rule book. For the most part I think this makes sense. The first books ever …

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Bible: The Word of God?

I have done a series on the Bible on the subjects below, inerrancy, infallibility and authority. Check it out here. Sorry about the lack of posts over the past little while. It’s been quite hectic coming into the new semester with classes and volleyball. I also just finished writing and putting together the third issue …

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