Europe Trip 2007

Germany and Austria Day 10 & 11

It´s becoming sort of a whirlwind at this point. We are flying way too fast through every city, and coutry trying to experience everything at once and getting to our flight that leaves for Greece. We arrived at our campsite in Munich late Friday night to a pleasant surprise. A camp full of fun Irish, …

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Amsterdam Day 7

One thing that sticks out about Amsterdam is the large quanties of bikes EVERYWHERE. It is quite ridiculous. They don’t have parking garages with three or four floors for cars, but they do for their bikes. Below is a picture of a parking garage normally used for cars, but this one was only bikes. They …

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Day 5 & 6 in Brussels

Today and last night we spent in Belgium (Brussels if you want to know the city, Darryl). It was probably the most beautiful city I have ever seen. The architecture was out of this world and the city square was probably the most fascinating. We ate at a little Greek shop that was probably the …

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Day 4 in Ireland

Today we are in Ireland and it’s Aaron’s birthday. We met Rachel’s sister and husband (Aaron) in Ireland at the last leg of their trip. So to celebrate we went to a pub here in Ireland. We also saw a World Street Perfomer Festival (pics to come). I drank my first ever full beer, and …

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Day 1 & 2 in England/Ireland

Rachel and I just left London, England. It was a lot of fun. We spent most of the day walking and doing the typical stops. Big Ben, Westminister Abbey…you know stuff like that. A few realizations after being there for the second time. 1. People in the UK are generally nicer people. People give you …

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Gone to Europe

Rachel and I have bought brand new hiking bags, booked some hostels, a few flights, bought Euro Passes, shaved my head, cut Rachel’s hair, got someone to live at our house, got a free gift of a 80 gb Video IPod, and Rachel just won a 2gb IPod Nano, and as of this morning we …

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