Links for December 07, 2008

A good friend of mine makes her own Jewelery. It looks pretty sweet and if you ask me a great present for someone for Christmas and your helping out artists (she’s from Guelph). So buy some here. Her stuff is called Emma Designs. Fuck the poor (ht) Top 5 Ways for Ministries to Get Over …

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Links for November 26, 2008

Buy Nothing Day – I’ll be participating. I Was Never ‘Called’ to Journey Alongside of Poor People – I’ve heard that excuse a million times. Brilliantly written, especially the intro. It’s about security. (ht) Great post on being unequally yoked, he really takes the imagery to a great place. 3 and 12 and 120

Links for November 10, 2008

Joe found this site so we are going to Evernote a try. It collects and remembers everything for you and its best feature is probably the image to text recognition, so it will along everything else index all my pdf files full of quotes I have which is great. (ht) ———————– Primer on today’s Mission …

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Links for October 07, 2008

I’ve always enjoyed Naomi Klein and what she writes. She was recently on Colbert Report here and thought this was a great article on the current financial crisis. ———————– I’m just starting to read around the Jesus Manifesto site a little bit. I thought these two satire article were pretty hilarious. Hey, I care about …

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Links for October 02, 2008

Do you get way too many telemarketers calling your house? I don’t, but I know both mine and Rachel’s parents get at least a couple of a day. The Canadian government actually stepped up on this one and made an opt-out website so you can get out of all telemarketers lists (besides a few exceptions). …

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Links for Sept 24, 2008

This is kind of an advanced version of my ATIC idea. It’s pretty cool. It’s called Swaptree and its like Ebay without money. ———————– Fundraiser idea. ———————– Rachel found this article on living small. Small seems to be the new big, and I appreciate the creativity. The annoying part is that they are still using …

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Life and Link Update

I just typed out all this, and then it asked me to relogin and I lost it all. So this will probably be shorter cause I’m more upset now. Now that I’m back from Africa I’m finding myself a lot busier trying to catch up on work, it’s good to know that my job is …

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Links for July 24, 2008

I am an intentional non-voter. I never bought into the “duty” lectures or many other reasons why its important that I vote. David Fitch wrote a great post on not voting. ———————– Next Reformation quotes Reggie McNeal The kingdom is the destination. In its institutional existence the church abandoned its real identity and reason for …

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Links for May 23, 2008

Dave is blogging now here, and his blog is called Awesome Internet Site. I usually enjoy what he has to offer to the world. ———————– Lately I’ve been into documentaries and fun films, here is a few that I have either watched or not watched but look interesting. Devil Plays Hardball, Carts of Darkness, War …

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Links for March 07, 2008

This is one of the coolest sites I’ve seen in a long time. User based t-shirt designs. If you have a minute check out my friends t-shirt design here and give him a high ranking. He’s a good friend of mine that is going to school for graphic design, and I thought it was a …

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