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This was my favourite series we’ve done this summer. I spent a lot of time studying and preparing for this series, and I think we got people thinking outside of the box on the ideas of Heaven and Hell; at least a little bit.  You can read my sermons from this series here and here. …

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This was the first theme that we collaborated with using Google Wave.  I’m not completely sold on it yet, but it has got potential.  It certainly sped up the process.  The Illustrator file is there for your use; use however you can.  Joe came up with the concept and we had it designed and printed …

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Tabled on Easter Friday

Each Easter Friday, Joe goes all out putting a service together than usually incorporates heavy imagery, liturgy and creative response. Today was no different. Today we followed a liturgy built by him, sang a few song, and then participated in the Eucharist together as a community. Below is the Powerpoint, which is basically the liturgy …

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Uncommon Cents

This month we are tackling some parables that have to do with money and possessions. We took this photo ourselves, it’s actually Joe’s hand, so it’s up for grabs to use under the creative commons license. I’m looking forward to the one about the rich fool the most which is my week later in April, …

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Letters From the Future

Since Thinker Labs is no more, I’m going to start posting all future designs (and possibly past ones) online for people to use under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike License. Monthly we do a series at theStory and usually have some imagery that goes along with it and sometimes a film. We’ve always wanted to …

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