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Iceland Teaser

Because we dont have internet I haven’t been able to update my site on our Iceland trip, but here is a little teaser.

Family Thanksgiving

Rachel loves to take photos. I like to be behind the camera. So after getting the cheesy hanging from the tree and peeking out from trees shots out of the way, we started to get a bit more creative. Here was a few that we took this afternoon with the family.

Couch on Road at Night

I know, brilliant title.  A few weeks ago, Troy and I decided that putting that couch in the middle of the road could make for some fun pictures one night.  We were right.  That’s what we did tonight at 1am.

David Bazan in Pontiac, Michigan

Last night I went to Pontiac, Michigan to watch David Bazan and his band at the Crofoot.  It was great.  Sort of reminded me of watching Further Seems Forever play.  A few older dudes with thick beards and a few young guys with thick beards genuinely loving what they were playing and feeling every word …

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Peace Leeches at Empty Spaces

The Peace Leeches were at Empty Spaces tonight and they rocked out pretty hard, I was super impressed.  I haven’t been doing much shooting lately, but I thought I would pull out the good ol’ 70-200 lens tonight for some shots.  Here are some below or click here to see all of them.