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Christmas Eve Shoot

Barry and I went out to take photos for our Christmas Eve service at theStory. We wanted to use all our own original pictures for the Powerpoint and to symbolize each step of the service. (all the photos were Photoshoped for the presentation, but the originals are in the Flickr Set), feel free to use …

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Photoshoot in Sarnia #2

Barry and I went out again this week to snap some more pictures. It wasn’t the only thing I snapped though, I broke two tripods and the third one was broken already. I’ll just blame it on the cold. I also left my big memory card in the memory reader, so I only had about …

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Night in Sarnia

Tonight Barry and I went around Sarnia in the rain, with our cameras and tripods to take pictures. It’s not very often I do something with the sole intent to take pictures but I we had a lot of fun. We finished a few destinations, grabbed some 7-11 slurpees, headed back to his house and …

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The Beautiful Sarnia

While I was home for a few days, I got a chance to go under the bridge for fries. That probably sounds weird to anyone who doesn’t live in Sarnia. What that means is I got to partake in the most heavenly french fries ever cooked in one of the most beautiful and relaxing places …

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