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Norway and Iceland Photos

I had the privilege of going to Norway and Iceland for three weeks a few months ago. We rented an RV in Norway and drove around the fjords and marveled in the beauty of the earth. The whole trip was quite overwhelming and beautiful. Here are some pics.

Ireland in HDR

Sometimes I take the same picture 5 times all with different exposures and then throw them together. I think it looks pretty cool. Click on the image to see it bigger. It will look sweet blown up.

Ireland Trip

2014 has been quite the year of travelling. What a beautiful world. Costa Rica, Azores and now Ireland. We found cheap tickets again. Well Rachel did. So we took a few weeks and drove around the entire island with some friends. Here are some keepers. You can see a bunch more here. Of course pub …

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Azores 2014

Here are some pictures from our spontaneous trip to Azores, Portugal a few months ago. When someone will fly you across the ocean and back for $300. You do it. No questions asked. So we did it. We said it was like Iceland and Hawaii had a baby and out popped Azores. Beautiful sights wherever …

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Costa Rica

theStory sent a team to Costa Rica to work with Christ for the City in a small area called Tirrases with Horacio & Esther Lopez. It was a great experience and the team learned a lot. Here are some photos. And you can see all the photos here.

Ghana with the FMCIC

Troy and I had the opportunity to go with the FMCIC to the Ghana Mission this past month. The FMCIC is coaching and working with some Ghana pastors and giving them the tools necessary to be able to get their status as their own denomination. In a culture where structured denominations is scarce there is …

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Costa Rica Pictures from 2012

Rachel and I went to Costa Rica with our friends Brandon and Beth Huybers. This was strictly a vacation. Couldn’t have picked a better place that was friendly to tourists but still wrapped in adventure every single day. This was by far the most active trip I’ve been on. We went zip lining, surfing, white …

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Photos from Turkey

It took forever to get these up but here are some photos from our Turkey Trip. You can see the whole set here.

I Am In Turkey

No real reason, just a good collision of fortunate events and here I am for two weeks.

Iceland Photos

Some friends and I went to Iceland last week. It was more of a spur of the moment decision after watching Sigur Ros’ documentary called Heima, which is the most remarkable cinematography I’ve seen in a film, and a few months later we were on a plane. It was extremely cheap (plane, food, car rental, …

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