Am I Here?

Each nightI sitsomewhere differentsome different waymy eyes fixed upon everchanging movementsof things thatdon’t look backor say hello and I waitto intersect witha glanceto knowI’m still here


Wind me upAnd watch as I go here and thereAnd then over there Watch how there is no patternNo repetitionNo way to calculateWhere I’ll be next I have been linking and joiningOther paths where theyGo back and forthOver and over againTo offer a way outOf the monotony Inviting and proclaimingLook at where you could goAnd …

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No Boundary But Eachother

with each personcomes a debtor chainin the form of expectationor contractor force a ruleownershipprivate propertypossessionit is everywhere a prison built by theprisoners because they are scaredof what lies outside their grasp butwith youi want to gowhere few have gonebut where everyonelongs to bedeep in the shadows of their passion so i lay myself downalong with …

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There is Here

I said a lot of thingsI did even moreI felt littleThe focus hasn’t changed thoughI’ve been trying to getThere. Everything saidEverything doneEverything feltWas everything I had to getThere. It’s not a place, but sometimes it’s a feelingIt’s not my words, but sometimes it’s yoursAnd you can’t book flights, but you can book time alone to …

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I don’t mindliftingthe weightof manyif it’s what we want It is lightwhen you are thereand you look me inthe eyesand see me It is easywhen we are together Not untilone day I’mstill carrying it alland you are staring through mewondering why i’m doing it at alland you forgotits what we wanted


i don’t want today to be about yesterdayi want more than memoriesi want futureshopevisionoptions when today is about tomorrow it brings life when all i have already has beenwhat is left? there is one thingmemoryprovidesthat sets the table fortomorrow gratitude for each momentand personand shared care there is another thingthat lurks behind gratitude loss and …

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justifying love.

when you latch on to themand they latch onto youwith intent on becoming onerearranging desire, pain and hope latching comes with the burden of intentlayers and layers and layersof whyforced to be reckoned with egolikedpowersecurityhappinesssexdesiresuccessfriendshipwitness uncertainty starts to creep inmaybe you are actually alonemaybe there won’t be reciprocationmaybe they just can’tmaybe they are scaredgod know …

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Death and Hearts

death is death even though not all death is the same as the space between one death and the next lies a heart that has been broken and mended and then put back together and then shattered again and now that heart exists in many spaces and with many people and with many memories and …

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Record Rates

the Amazon is burning at a record rate, glaciers are melting at record rates, kids are dying at borders at record rates, overdoses are killing at record rates, facism is increasing at record rates, andpopulist candidates are winning at record rates when will peace see record rateswhen will love set a record ratewhen will awareness set a record rate …

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Gas fire

Love. My choice. My feeling. My MO My change My life Love has caused me to make   choices I would not have made       have   feelings I have never felt Operate outside of well established directions Freeze and thaw And it is all that brings meaning to   each breath and …

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The Night She Said Goodbye

Naivety allows one to face into fate Each day comes and goes Why accept what you know to be true? Might as well believe in something else Peace comes through ignorance Each day comes and goes Anxiety comes through knowing That the unavoidable hasn’t happened yet Innocence precludes endings Each day comes and goes Soon …

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