Prayers & Liturgy

Death and Hearts

death is death even though not all death is the same as the space between one death and the next lies a heart that has been broken and mended and then put back together and then shattered again and now that heart exists in many spaces and with many people and with many memories and …

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Record Rates

the Amazon is burning at a record rate, glaciers are melting at record rates, kids are dying at borders at record rates, overdoses are killing at record rates, facism is increasing at record rates, andpopulist candidates are winning at record rates when will peace see record rateswhen will love set a record ratewhen will awareness set a record rate …

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Gas fire

Love. My choice. My feeling. My MO My change My life Love has caused me to make   choices I would not have made       have   feelings I have never felt Operate outside of well established directions Freeze and thaw And it is all that brings meaning to   each breath and …

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A Thanksgiving Prayer

[Picture is one I took in Iceland, it was an unforgettable moment of gratitude and awe that has never left.] Each morning the sun rises We are overwhelmed with what lies ahead We are anxious about what’s left to be done We are feeling inadequate to all of what life brings The hours bleed into …

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Prayer: Sending off Our Friend

God Loss isn’t something we like facing into. It’s not something we plan for It’s not something we we want in our future It’s not something we can control or fit into our plans Yet it’s not our plans we are fitting anything into It’s yours Your mysterious, good and all-powerful plan We all scramble …

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Prayer: We Are Small

Remind us of our smallness Remind us that you are still working, even when we can’t see Remind us that the kingdom exists all around us Remind us that hope is found buried and covered in dirt Transform our desires away from the big and loud Point them to the small and insignificant Remove our …

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