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Without roots of love, we easily become slaves to our own desires, using the place where we happen to be as a staging ground for our ambitions and manipulating the people around us so they might serve our objectives.

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When Money Determines Everything

Without the existence of a rich set of criteria for evaluating the application of time, money quickly becomes the lowest common denominator that defines whether or not time is being spent in a worthwhile manner. Instead of leisure time, people

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The Federal Government Is Awesome

“The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) of 1996 cost Canadian taxpayers, which of course include Aboriginal peoples as well, $63 million and produced four hundred recommendations. As far as has been reported in the literature, the federal government has …
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Sacrifice Creates Entitlement

“Sacrifice” usually leads to a well-hidden sense of entitlement and perpetuates the vicious circle of merit, a mind-set that leads most of us to assume that we are more deserving than others because of what we have given or done.

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