Sarnia City Council

The Difference Between ‘Having Debt’ and Being ‘In Debt’

Debt is a trigger word in politics, and when we use it, we end up using it no different than how the average consumer talks about credit card debt. In business however, debt is a tool, among many, for growth. We cannot speak of a multi-million dollar corporation’s debt as if they are “in debt” …

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Municipal Staff Turnover

I would estimate, that with the recent exodus of our senior staff, that we are going to see costs to the taxpayer in the City of Sarnia upwards of 1 million dollars to properly recruit, train and orient professionals in their new jobs. The costs of staff turnover in any organization is well-researched and documented. …

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My City Council Campaign

I ran for city council in Sarnia and I won! I’ll post a bit more often on my Facebook page. I’m excited! Here is a transcript of a 5 minute talk I gave at a Kiwanis lunch (it includes some of my thoughts on Mayor Mike Bradley’s sanctions.) Here is an interview I did on …

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