South Africa Trip

Pictures From Kruger Park

After a slow to non-existing internet connection, to my flash not coming off my camera, to my laptop busting and having to take it apart to get my files off of it, I finally have all my pictures from my trip. I have uploaded about 200 of them to Flickr, along with the full sizes …

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South Africa – Last Days

Rachel and I are just starting to wind down from our trip here. We leave in two days. The last week here without Charity and Shane has been a lot more finding out what Hands at Work does as a whole. My IT skills have been used occasionally here in the office so I’ve been …

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Swaziland – Day 16-18

I’m writing this a week later, so I will probably skip over a lot of things without thinking. The rest of the week in Swaziland was a slower pace but we got a lot accomplished. Shane and the grandchildren filled in a 3 foot deep hole that was dug for a new water hole. It …

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Swaziland – Day 11-13

On Wednesday we went to a garden that is being started up by Nomsa and her volunteers. The garden is probably 75 meters by 50 meters and we helped put a fence around it. They were waiting for a pipe to be put in so they could get water from the top of the mountain. …

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Swaziland – Day 8-10

The internet here moves at a lightning fast 30 bytes a second, so I e-mailed this to Ron for him to post for me, we head back to South Africa tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to get some more posts up, possibly some pictures but I don’t know, but I have lots of great …

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