South Africa Trip

South Africa – Day 6-7

The last two days we spent at Kruger park scoping out animals in their natural environment. We saw elephants that were going to attack us. A leopard. Giraffes. Monkeys and Baboons. Water Buffalo. Hippo. Tons of Impala. Crocodiles and a slew of other animals. It was brilliant and majestic. It is one of the best …

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South Africa – Day 5

You know when you are watching TV and you get this idea of what Africa is like. Houses made out of garbage, dirt roads, people walking/sitting around everywhere. Today was a day like that. It blew my mind. I went with a nurse named Tulee to do some home based care visits today, and everything …

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South Africa – Day 4

Today was a great day. Rachel and I spent the day with the children at K2, a preschool for orphaned children. We ate some pape (boiled corn meal) with a soup like dip for it. The children were beautiful. It was hard to imagine none of them had parents. I sat in class with Cindi …

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South Africa – Day 2-3

We are finally here. While its 10am in Sarnia, its 4pm here and we are all exhausted. Charity and Shane lost their main big piece of luggage and found out that it is all the way in Detroit. It never ever made it at all along the way. We’re going to try to get it …

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South Africa – Day 1

Well, we have started our trip. Rachel and I are sitting in the Chicago airport waiting for Charity and Shane to arrive (which we gave them 40% chance of making it on time). It wasn’t without our mishaps and problems getting here. The long wait on the Bluewater Bridge, the traffic jam in Port Huron …

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