Tech Tips

Logitech USB Unifying Receiver from Amazon Not Working and Finally a Solution

I lost my tiny little USB unifying receiver so I ended up buying a new one on Amazon. It detected fine by my laptop (on Windows 10), but for the life of me the Logitech Unifying Software failed to recognize it. I tried everything and went deep into Google to try and uncover the problems. …

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Local Internet

As the Internet grew and my time on it grew as well I always found it a great way to meet people, build relationships with people that I couldn’t normally be around and constantly be discovering new and exciting people and things. I wanted to reach as far into the internet as possible and be …

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Twitter Vs FriendFeed

Twitter for the most part is annoying. The last thing I want to do all day is sit in front of my computer and use one of the eight million or so add-ons/programs/features of Twitter to follow my friends and what they are thinking/doing every last minute of their lives. E-mail works fine for communication, …

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Websites You Need to Know

It is extremely important to know your way around the web. You need to know where to go when you need something instead of spending your time surfing, cause surfing is a time consumer when you need results. I wrote a post a little while back about some helpful sites in my computer saturated life. …

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5 Photoshop Tips

1. Cropping is your friend. Most pictures need about 7/8 cut out of it for it to look right with what your trying to go for. You will be amazed how zooming in on the part of the picture you want, the off-centering it a bit will add to your design as opposed to just …

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