Why Adding Secondary Dwelling Units Is Great For Sarnia

Back in August I made a motion “that staff report on reviewing our policies surrounding secondary dwelling units, especially to address the urgent and growing issue of student housing. This report should include the impact that the recent provincial changes have on our municipal policies, any possible collaboration with Lambton College, and an overview of …

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On Racism in Canada

I’ve had a few requests to do some clarifying on some of my comments around race and Canada on some previous conversations I’ve been having online. I thought I would post some of my thought process for what it means that as a Canadian, that we are all guilty of racism in one way or …

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Flag Poles and Crosswalks

One of the things that I did agree with in installing the greeter desk back in the lobby of city hall is it’s intended emphasis on hospitality. It’s important that we make hospitality a value at the center of our city. Judging by the comments of my fellow councilors who voted in favour of restoring …

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Further Motions Regarding Mike Bradley’s Sanctions

Tomorrow’s meeting is going to be interesting! Further to the motion that I commented on from Sarnia Councillor Bill Dennis there is another motion by Dave Boushy that is identical and then takes it even further. There are two items that he added: e) Removal of the Workplace Investigation section from the www.sarnia.ca (all reports will remain publicly available); f) Staff …

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Committee For Compensation Recommendations

Sarnia Councillor Bill Dennis Has a motion on the table at the next council meeting “that any compensation related matter (including eligible expense criteria or other financial reimbursement matters) for Sarnia City and City/County Council members be referred to a Committee of private citizens (to be established) for recommendations to be submitted to Council for their …

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Suggestions On How To Talk About Struggling Neighbourhoods

The recent news of three business owners leaving Mitton Village is really heartbreaking that they found themselves unable to sustain their businesses in that area. It really sheds light onto larger set of issues that we face as a city. I’d like to make a few suggestions to guide our discourse about these things that …

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