Choosing Your Own Salary

I have spent most of the last twelve years being the lowest paid staff of any of the businesses I am a co-owner of. I don’t make decisions based on my own financial gain, but in the best interests of the overall vision in which we are striving towards. So speaking of my own salary …

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Lower Taxes Is Not The Answer

Lower Taxes! This is the mantra of the masses, propagated by politicians. It is a message of fear that attempts to shift the citizen’s focus away from what is actually going on. An honest politician has to catch themselves feeding into the narrative that lowering taxes helps keep more money in your pocket and continually …

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Municipal Infrastructure Lending

Coming off the heels of my first budget city council meeting, a motion was made today to increase our contribution to reserves (aka. savings account) of $3.5 million (approx 1.5% increase of taxes) to start the process of tackling our looming $350 million infrastructure deficit. That motion was rejected with some of the stated reasoning …

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The Difference Between ‘Having Debt’ and Being ‘In Debt’

Debt is a trigger word in politics, and when we use it, we end up using it no different than how the average consumer talks about credit card debt. In business however, debt is a tool, among many, for growth. We cannot speak of a multi-million dollar corporation’s debt as if they are “in debt” …

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My City Council Campaign

I ran for city council in Sarnia and I won! I’ll post a bit more often on my Facebook page. I’m excited! Here is a transcript of a 5 minute talk I gave at a Kiwanis lunch (it includes some of my thoughts on Mayor Mike Bradley’s sanctions.) Here is an interview I did on …

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Changing The Golden Rule

The golden rule that I’ve been taught my entire life is to do onto others as I would have them do onto me.  Jesus said it and most religions have some sort of similar proverb or guideline. I’ve recently begun to wonder if this is the best advice. Considering my privilege – the way that …

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