Belief-Based Institutions Are Not Sustainable Or Effective

Art by David Hayward (Naked Pastor) I’ve been trying to understand and appreciate the role of institutions (the definition I’m using for institutions is “a society or organization founded for a religious, educational, social, or similar purpose)” in the world and my own life.  Whether it be corporations, churches, non-profits, governments or community groups.  I …

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A Discussion On Faith

A few weeks ago, Josh Walters, John Silvestri and myself were invited to join the Sarnia- Port Huron – Freethinkers for a public dialogue.  There was the three of us and three folks from the Freethinkers group and we worked our way through these questions: 1) What is Faith? 2) Where do Love & Morality come …

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Needing To Be Strong is Lonely

Last year, when my mother was in her last stages of liver failure and suffering from hepatic encephalopathy, I found myself in some of the most chaotic and difficult circumstances that I ever could have imagined.  She would get into these trance like states, with repetitive screaming, become inconsolable, unresponsive to anyone, angry, cursing, aggressive, and this …

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Tradition as Automation

When we are thinking, we have two parts of our brain.  We have the Neo-Cortex areas, which we will call ambassadors and the subcortical areas that we will call primitives. The ambassadors of your brain are very smart.  They are slow.  They are deliberate.  They are really expensive to run.  They do the planning, predicting, …

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