Community and Living

A Catch 22 With Community

What is one to do when they feel its good and right to a more social/communal gospel such as living in close quarters, same neighbourhood, same house as others who call themselves Christians but whenever the idea is brought up they are usually told to “go live out your convictions on your own.” Do some …

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Sharing My Stuff

Stuff has been on my mind lately. I’m amazed at how much happiness it can bring to someone. Watching my wife’s face as her bedroom gets decorated, watching my own face when I get a new camera, listening to girls talk about Ikea and guys talk about new cars, watching people at Wal Mart, watching …

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Living on Less

Every year my life gets more complicated. I’m trying to think back to the days where I wasn’t kept on track by a calendar, because I didn’t make appointments and my only commitment was to go to recess early for a basketball game. Now as the years pile, so does the responsibility. I’m married now, …

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To Rent or Mortgage

To Rent or Mortgage Part 1 To Rent or Mortgage Part 2 To Rent or Mortgage Part 3 To Rent or Mortgage (A Third Way) Part 4 I have struggled passionately with this over the last year or so. Getting married, making more money, paying utilities all play into the raging question if I should …

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Questions on Community

The idea and the word community has become sort of a buzz word in my life in the past year or two lately. Everything is about building community and I want to have meaningful community; not just a place to show up on Sunday. In fact the best way to evangelism is in community and …

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