Death and Hearts

death is death
even though not all death is the same

as the space between one death
and the next
lies a heart
that has been broken
and mended
and then put back together
and then shattered again
and now …
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On Municipal Communications

In our corporate strategies meeting last week, I brought up what I thought to be an important issue on how the staff and council communicates big projects to the public. I said that:

I’m thinking of something like Centennial Park

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Growth Shouldn’t Be Our Focus

Ever since campaigning for council in 2018, there has been this message floating around that Sarnia needs population growth. Somehow it worked as a campaign strategy for councilors saying they were going to focus on growing our population. More recently …
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Record Rates

the Amazon is burning at a record rate, 
glaciers are melting at record rates, 
kids are dying at borders at record rates, 
overdoses are killing at record rates, 
facism is increasing at record rates, and
populist candidates are winning at …
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