The Integrity Comissioner Process Is A Joke

Today I received notice of yet another Integrity Comissioner complaint against me. This one is because I publicly shared the first Integrity Comissioner Complaint. I am now going to share this current complaint in it’s entirety as well. I am guilty yet again of breaking confidentiality by releasing this complaint. I shared the first complaint here.

It’s getting a bit strange though that the Integrity Comissioner is playing along with this game, but I guess it makes sense since he is charging the city per hour for starting another investigation on something I’ve already admitted to. I wonder how much money the folks registering the complaint against me are willing to waste of tax payer dollars to keep this merry-go-round going.

Click here for the complaint in its entirety.

3 thoughts on “The Integrity Comissioner Process Is A Joke”

  1. You admit to impropriety? Are you thinking admission will absolve you from the idea that certain standards of conduct are required? Do you have a self proven method that justifies dishonour towards years of people coming together to do good?

    1. Respectfully, what is your self-proven method of finding dishonour? or of knowing when people are coming together for good?
      I’d question which side really is good and which side is hiding in the darkness.

  2. Dishonner strong word as there is nothing honnerable about this group of people. My father always said there is no honner amongst thieves and thieves is appropriate as this group of so called councillors continue to use tax dollars..our dollars to clean up their own messes like schoolyard he said she said BS that they spent even more tax dollars building barriers in city hall to seperate the children of the council. The word dishonner is being used to describe Nathan’s actions …if thats correct then just what is the word that appropriately describes …this band of thieves AKA city council…..? I do know this ..these big secert closed door meetings that are so honnerably held that are so importantly kept secert are exactly what dishonner is. Taxpayers pay the salaries of these people yet we are kept in the dark reguarding the topics that should be our business because the council works for the people….what a Fd up system. We pay for secrets and lies building walls and investigating so called crimes that there is already agreed & admitted guilt of. Thats whats wrong here, none of the involved parties are used to the truth being told outside those doors and barriers…Just maybe if this investigation was being paid for by the actual parties that requested it the results would be different. Like no investigation of something that is already been admitted…Dah….please let us know when the taxpayers are off the hook for this episode of He said she said so we the taxpayers can get on with our hopes and dreams of getting Sarnia moving forward on important issues that are important to those who live here and have had to watch its decline while all this BS has taken over what is supposed to be happening. Also known as Do your damn jobs that you are being paid to do and stop allocating our tax dollars spent on dumb sh$%. Please save our city…

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