Enneagram Weekend

Hey Friends, this coming October (October 13-14), I’m organizing an Enneagram retreat with Chris Heurtz who wrote the book The Sacred Enneagram here in Sarnia. Many of you know the impact that the Enneagram can have on our self discovery and spiritual health and have been exploring it’s usefulness over the last number of years. Taking some intentional time together with some trained experts to go deeper into the Enneagram and it’s usefulness for us personally and also within the organizations we function in is sure to be a wholesome weekend.

An event like this comes with quite a bit of risk for me financially, so I’m hoping that you will help me out by encouraging family and friends in your circles to join us and register as soon as you can. It’s $115 for the two days per person. If there is any profits from the weekend because of a good turn out, that extra will go to theStory. The hope is to keep it mostly local, but it will get posted on his site and so people in the area would be welcome to register as well. If we can fill it up with all of us that would be preferred!

With Chris Heuertz

October 13-14, 2018
Sat and Sun, 10am-4pm
Price $115/person