Gender Protests at Sarnia City Hall

I wanted to go see what all the hooplaw was about today at city hall and boy was I not disappointed. A couple hundred people were out there and they were all there on behalf of the children in their life that they all were wanting to protect. I commed anyone who shows up on their own time to stand up for children.

I was a bit disappointed though because when I got there, I realized that there were “sides” to this protest. People on the one side were surprised to see me on the other side and vice versa. It’s unfortunate that we all can’t show up and have discussions with each other about how we can best serve and protect the children in our community. All of us don’t want to see our kids indoctrinated by another’s idealogy whether that be about gender, religion, politics or education. Everyone that was there today was unified on this point. We’d all be way better off if we could all understand this. No one on either side was even making contradictory statements in their protests, but they somehow all believe that the ones on the other side were the enemy. Let’s do better at actively listening to the people on the other side so we can better work together for a world in which our children can flourish into who they are meant to be.

My friend Mike (https://www.instagram.com/acheemusic/) came along with me this morning and whipped up this video of one of my conversations with a group of woman. Enjoy 🙂 (p.s. I’m wondering if this would be a fun project in the future of capturing more of these kinds of conversations on camera to share).

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