No Boundary But Eachother

with each person
comes a debt
or chain
in the form of expectation
or contract
or force

a rule
private property
it is everywhere

a prison built by the
prisoners because they are scared
of what lies outside their grasp

with you
i want to go
where few have gone
but where everyone
longs to be
deep in the shadows of their passion

so i lay myself down
along with all the tools
and traumas
and weapons
that have controlled me
and wait

and in my waiting
i can see you doing the same
laying down whatever left
was holding you back
from throwing yourself into

and so here we lay
without a worry,
both trying to convince the
other that we come in peace

and oh how wonderful
and full of grace
that restful lay has been
that will mark the rest of our days
in bliss and freedom to explore
what life offers
beyond the limits
and fucking borders
of the prison walls

we will be the prisoners that escaped
our own making
to discover the infinite and intimate
to be surprised by love and joy and laughter
in an ongoing saga of giving one another
more freedom and trust because
it always come back to mean deeper
connection to everything

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