Without roots of love, we easily become slaves to our own desires, using the place where we happen to be as a staging ground for our ambitions and manipulating the people around us so they might serve our objectives. – Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

Religion Bridges Science and Art

“If science is the commitment to know the world objectively and art the means of expressing oneself subjectively, religion was and is a bridge between subject and object, a way of making meaningful connection between something inside oneself and the world outside. For a time it seemed that science had driven out religion from the …

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Consumerism, Property, Ownership, Community and the Eucharist

The link between property and freedom is a crucial one. Free-market advocates tend to be agnostic on the question of ownership: barring external interference, an exchange is formally free even if the only thing a person has to exchange is his or her labor. But as the example of Rosa Martinez makes plain, having no …

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The Federal Government Is Awesome

“The Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples (RCAP) of 1996 cost Canadian taxpayers, which of course include Aboriginal peoples as well, $63 million and produced four hundred recommendations. As far as has been reported in the literature, the federal government has virtually ignored all of the Commission’s recommendations.” – Edward J. Hedican in Ipperwash

Sacrifice Creates Entitlement

“Sacrifice” usually leads to a well-hidden sense of entitlement and perpetuates the vicious circle of merit, a mind-set that leads most of us to assume that we are more deserving than others because of what we have given or done. As the old saying goes, all expectations and self-sacrifice are just resentments waiting to happen. …

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Guarding Against Change

Propaganda doesn’t succeed because it is manipulative, it works because people WANT it, NEED it, it gives their life a direction and meaning and guards against change. – The Last Psychiatrist (How Does The Shutdown Relate To Me?)

The World Does Not Absorb The Text, Rather The Text Absorbs The World

Typology does not make scriptural contents into metaphors for extrascriptural realities, but the other way around. It does not suggest, as is often said in our day, that believers find their stories in the Bible, but rather that they make the story of the Bible their own story. The cross is not to be viewed …

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What is Freedom?

“The really important kind of freedom involves attention and awareness and discipline, and being able truly to care about other people and to sacrifice for them over and over in myriad petty, unsexy ways every day. That is real freedom. That is being educated, and understanding how to think. The alternative is unconsciousness, the default …

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Narrative Trains Our Emotions Which Conditions Our Perception Of The World

Much of our action is not the fruit of conscious deliberation; instead, much of what we do grows out of our passional orientation to the world- affected by all the ways we’ve been primed to perceive the world.[ 65] In short, our action emerges from how we imagine the world.[ 66] What we do is …

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An Antidote to Formation

“One way to inoculate ourselves against part of worship’s power is to think of going to church in superstitious terms, as if we are hedging our bets with God. If we participate in worship and simply hope that our being there will cause God to bless us, what we are doing in church really amounts …

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