Beginning of the blog

Hey everyone. This is kind of the scrappy beginning of NathanColquhoun.com.
A lot of you are probably wondering “Why in the heck is Nathan building his own website?” Well that’s a legitimate question. So let me begin by answering it. This website is for a number of reasons.
1. I’ve been building websites for people for a long time, and i thought it would be fun to build one for myself.
2. It will keep me organized in my resources. I have always wanted to have a solid resource collection of my own of books, links, quotes and other things. This site will keep my collection not only organized but available for anyone to use.
3. As much as i love keeping in contact with everyone, its next to impossible to keep up an ongoing friendship with everyone I know in Sarnia and Toronto. This site will keep most people updated on my life with the blog and kind of keep the information flowing on here so i don’t end up typing the same e-mail to every person separately. Then i can keep a more personal relationship going and get past the “what did you do over the last few weeks” talk.
4. As i keep pursuing media, writing and design I need a portfolio of some sort to direct churches, companies and people that are interested in seeing my work. This site will have a lot of my work on it including articles, pictures, designs, sermons and updates on my current work.
5. This site will also be a communication zone for my friends. With message boards, e-mail lists and ongoing talk it will be a great spot to come together and just challenge each other in different situations.
6. For those at Tyndale i know how annoying it can be to type out notes in class and try to listen at the same time, that’s why I’m attempting to work on a while database of notes from every teacher from Tyndale. So if you have a laptop and have taken good notes, or need some notes, hopefully within due time you can find them here.
7. It will keep me educated and experienced and accountable in all kinds of ways.

So over the next while I will be keeping this site updated. If you have any suggestions, comments or just want to say hi, send me an e-mail [email protected]

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