New Design

Because I love to procrastinate.
I have re-designed my website. It was a time for a change. I was getting bored of black and well the design was pretty chauchy before. I’m happy with this one. There is still a number of bugs to be worked out. If you notice any, please comment or e-mail me and let me know.

8 thoughts on “New Design”

  1. First, I still cant highlight any text written without high lighting all.

    Second, Some links to blogs dont work. (so annoying when I want to see the farting precher)

    THird, When opening things like “photo Galary” it doesn’t open to a new windown (never has)

    Forth, I dont know what desks are trying to represent in your main display picture. Maybe that your the teacher and were the students and that your taking us to school? Yah, real funny Nathan.. what do you think…. were a bunch of idiots?

    All in all…. Its ok, like I dont hate it, its not the worth.

    It was a nice attempt at least.

  2. Definitely like the new name. The Starting Line is a sick band! Based on a True Story is the name of their latest cd so of course I’m gonna love the new name ;)

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