I apologize for the downtimes of my site lately, if anyone has even noticed. My server that I go through must be having some serious problems, its been quite bad over the past few weeks. I even lost all the stuff that I’ve done on it in the past week or so. I’m in the middle of doing some major paper writing so by taking the advice of my Uncle I’m not going to be spending as much time on here.

Here are a few good articles I’ve read and some updates

David Fitch Review on the Homosexual Argument between Driscoll and McLaren

Darryl has a new post up

Thinker Labs is gaining speed and hits, if you haven’t checked it out do so

The Evolving Church conference is SOLD OUT!! However, we will be opening up 100 more seats for over flow, so check back often to the site if you still want to sign up.

Next theStory meeting is approaching and Joe, Darryl and I are working hard to make sure we are ready and we are pretty excited.

Joe is applying to be a mailman

This site scared me, it’s the most massive list I’ve ever seen; and it’s a list of the violence in the Hebrew Bible

My paper is officially done. Just need to edit it now, I’ll post it when it’s done that phase

I’m working on a presentation now for Tues and here’s the title
Creation Science: Religion, Science or Politics? I think I’m going to take the politics route…mixed with a bit of religion.

Cool intro to the Simpsons. It uses real people. Kinda cool.

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  1. I noticed! Good luck with everything…at some point you should add your sister apartment’s blog site to apt.109. hahaha. It was good to see you at the game yesterday, you’re a good fan. Lates, Elea

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